Homecoming Weekend!

This past weekend we had our homecoming fair/tailgate/game. All the events were really fun and I definitely enjoyed myself at each and every one of them! Sadly, we didn't win our homecoming game, we came very close with a loss of 28-35. We did come very close to winning and our team played very hard. Sadly, we haven't won any games this season. :( Hopefully we win at least one! 
My main goal this weekend was to get amazing pictures and video footage of the cheer team and I think I definitely accomplished that goal! The picture above is one of the ones I took at the homecoming fair! I'll link it below!
UH Cheer Homecoming Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xM0oxFRKvU8

19, The Last Teen Year.

Sooo, I forgot to write about my wonderful birthday weekend on here! So.... here it goes..
This is my first picture as a 19 year old! My last year as a teenager is here :O It's so crazy how fast it went by! It seemed as if it took forever to get here but when it finally did, it's almost like it never happened. I definitely enjoyed my day. I spent most of it with my friend Kelsey! We went out to eat lunch and then just hung out and went shopping after. It was a really good day! Here's a picture of us from that day!

She also threw me a party the very next day! I definitely had a good time! There were soooo many people there! It was a little crazy! Not what I'm used to on my birthday. I miss having my mom buy me a cake and sing me happy birthday and having my dad make me some really good food for dinner and being with Anissa, Sydney and who ever else. But everyone here definitely made it easier for me to not notice how sad I was that I wasn't at "home". Overall it was a realllllly good weekend! My friend Shawn and I ended up matching without realizing lol. Here's a picture of us the night of my party!

Also, my roommate is amazing! She decorated the room for me and even bought me a present! She's the best and I couldn't have asked for a better roommate!
Here's a picture of us together! :D

Link to my birthday video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tEyx0WIocw

A Productive Day.

Today was an amazing day. I grabbed coffee/lunch with my friend Kat and sat in on her class with her. 
I did quite a few things today and it made the day feel really productive and I felt like I haven't  had one of those days in a while so I was very proud of myself. I'm getting better at this college thing you guys!

So today UH Productions had interviews for "Mahalo Messages". We're making a video that will be shown at the graduation in december of some students basically thanking the people who helped them get to where they are now. Which is finally graduating haha. It was a lot of fun to be honest and Blake (the general manager, kind of like the president of UH Productions) always teaches me something new. For example, yesterday when setting up all this equipment you see in the picture here (cameras, lighting, and the green screen) he taught me how to do each thing and what exactly it's used for. And today when we were done with interviews he helped me solve a rubix cube haha. First time I've ever done it so I was quite excited about it to be honest. :) 
I'm very excited to help out with tomorrow's interviews and I hope he teaches me something new again! haha okay, moving on..

So on my walk home from interviews I found a little bit of fall! This is about as close to fall as I am going to get in Hawai'i haha. It's disappointing because fall is one of my favorite seasons but I wear my sweaters, drink my tea and enjoy the brown leaves that we do have anyways. There's so much green on this island, it made me so happy to find some brown (a.k.a. dead leaves haha). I definitely enjoy the weather no matter what though, even if i happen to sweat out of my sweaters/jackets and have to remove them immediately haha. You would think coming from Arizona that the "heat" wouldn't bother me so much. But we have humid heat here so it's a little different.

Today was a big studying today for me. I attempted to start at five but procrastinated until six haha. I did eventually start though so that's all that matters. I did study until about 1:30-2:00 am though so it was a LONG day of studying. I do however feel much better now that I have! Gaining knowledge! I had to write a reflection paper for my Hawaiian Studies class and study for a map quiz that I have to take tomorrow for that class also. I worked on my research paper for my english composition class and looked up and defined some vocab words that are going to be on my history midterm that I have in two weeks. Yes, I got all of that done in one day! I told you it was very productive. Like I said, I couldn't be more proud of how my studying habits are forming! Well that was my day, enjoy some pictures of my friend Kat and I!


My College Experience In Words..

This blog is going to be all about my college experiences and possibly some random posts about me being frustrated with school work. Bare with me. I've wanted to start this for about 2 months now, but I finally am "settled" into my life here at college so now seems like a better time than any!
I really hope that you all enjoy living my college experience through words and pictures since none of you are here with me. Btw, that picture ^^^ is one of the main buildings on campus.