College Tips: 9 Study Tips Every Freshman Should Know!

In college, everything changes. I know, shocker right? You no longer get those all those extra credit opportunities and the teachers do not remind you of when things are due all the time. You are responsible for getting things done on time and make sure it's quality work.

Many students learn within the first few weeks that skimming notes or only studying for a half an hour every once in awhile no longer works for them. Studying in college is one of the most important things you can and will do. So here are some tips to help you study the best way possible!

1. Get organized
          Write everything down. Yes, that means ALL of your assignments. Writing things down help you to remember. Prioritize and rearrange to do lists according to when something is due and how important it is. Also, always always always keep your desk clean so you can actually find things.

2. Get a study buddy
          Preferably someone who won't get you off track and will help you stay focused. Remember that it's sometimes easier to ask someone you sort of know from one of your classes rather than studying with your friends. You two won't have much to talk about other than your class and it's a nice way to make new friends.

3. Take notes by hand
          When you're in class, using a laptop tends to be quicker depending on the class you're taking. However, taking notes by hand helps you to remember the material. Something I do is take the notes on my laptop in class and later write them down in a notebook.

4. Study off of flashcards
          Doing this is an easy way to study terms and definitions you may need to remember for classes. You're not only studying while you make them but you can also take them anywhere with you.

5. Study as much as possible
         Studying everyday is hard but it is so worth it in the end. There's too much material to not study at least once every other day. In college there is always something that needs to be studied.

6. Don't always study from your book
          Some classes barely use the book to begin with. Make sure you're paying attention in class and re-read your notes when studying. Taking notes on your lecture and not just what's on the powerpoint can also be very helpful to you.

7. Reward yourself
          If you study for an hour without any distractions go get some ice cream or have a fun activity with your friends like the movies or bowling. School doesn't have to be all work and no play. Unless you're a nursing/ pre-med student at my school. Those students have no life.]

8. Set goals
          Setting long and short term goals reminds you that all the hard work you're doing has a purpose so be sure to have them.

          I can not stress this last tip enough. Your syllabus tells you exactly how to pass your class, all of the dues dates, exam dates, readings and what part of your grade the assignment counts for. Copy all of your due dates and test dates in a planner or on your calendar so you can see them ahead of time and you won't forget. A lot of students just overlook their syllabus because it's what they did in high school. Your syllabus is your best friend, this I promise you!

Studying in college isn't as hard as it seems, you just have to stay motivated and remember that procrastination is not your friend. If you're a freshman then I can guarantee you that you will feel overwhelmed at first, but I promise it gets easier.

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Just a short post to apologize for not blogging for awhile and a quick update. I started my first semester of my sophomore year a week ago and I am still getting used to my school schedule. I promise I'll be back blogging regularly within the next week once I've settled into my schedule.
Update: My sophomore year has been going very well and I'm getting back in the hang of things as far as school goes. As some of you may or may not know I no longer attend the University of Hawai'i  at Manoa but I now go to Grand Canyon University. I'm really missing Hawai'i a lot as of late because it's so different at this school than UH but it has been an okay experience so far. I've truly been putting my own college tips that I've given you all to the test here in my own life. & I've got more college tips posts coming over the next few weeks so be sure to keep checking back for those! 
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