Pre Spring Break Struggles

It never fails that the week before spring break I struggle to complete my assignments and go to class. Last week was no exception. I know that it was because my brain was so ready for a break and it just wanted to shut off already. I finally am able to start my spring break and enjoy not having homework Even though it "officially" started on Friday, I did not finish my homework assignments until last night! I am so excited to be done for a week and just enjoy some good ole Netflix and naps! 
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How To Email Your Professors + Free Template

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I have been using my email for a lonnnnng time. Since middle school (or before that) but not for sending emails. I used it to register for games and prizes (lol). No one ever teaches you how to write a professional email so you are left to figure it out all on your own. It's important to understand 'email etiquette' no matter who you may be emailing, but especially when emailing your professors.
So when I got to college and had to email my professors I was a little nervous. I wasn't sure how to find a balance between being professional and casual. I always contemplated on whether or not to start my emails with "Hey, Hi, Hello" or to say "Dear Professor blah blah". I mean my emails didn't come out too bad but I have learned some things in my three years of college that have made my life, and can make your life easier. The way you communicate with your professor is very important and can say a lot about the student you are.
First things first, decide if you really need to send an email or if what you need to talk with them about would be better discussed in person during office hours (yes, they have those, read the syllabus!) And since we're discussing the syllabus, make sure what you want to ask or discuss isn't already covered there.

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Once you've made it past that conclusion the next thing to always make sure you do is to use either your school email address or a professional one. This is the first things that is going to pop up and the last thing you want your professor to see if your embarrassing middle school email. Using is not acceptable when it comes to emailing professors! If you don't already have one try using your first name, period, last name @ whichever email you choose ("" for example). And when it comes to finding your professors email, it can almost always be found in the syllabus. 
The second thing that will be seen is the subject line, and because of this you should always keep it concise and straight to the point. It will help your professor to know what you are contacting them about and will help when they are replying to you. For example, when I am emailing my professors about certain absences I will make the subject line " Week 9 Absences", or something along those lines. Never send an email with no subject line.
If your professor has already made it clear what they prefer to be called, be sure you address them in that way in your email. Simply just stated "Professor _______" will do if you don't know their title. And before addressing your reason for emailing them, starting off with "I hope this email finds you well" is a great professional greeting! Make sure you don't overdo it.
Keep in mind that short, sweet, and to the point is the best way to write an email. Only include information that is relevant to the situation. Do not write a page long email for a short question. A short opening with who you are and why you are writing will do. Most professors are on a tight time schedule and it is the worst to receive an email for a short little question. Also, make sure you use proper punctuation and grammar. LOL, JK, NBD is not professional in emails.
Now that you have reached the end of your email it is time to thank your professor for taking the time to read your email. A simple " Thank you for your time" will do. Professors are more likely to respond and appreciate your email enough to help you out if they feel respected. 

Something that is also important is how you "sign" your email. I always play it safe and just put my first and last name. That way the teacher can easily look up what class I am in and/or recognize who is emailing them if they remember my name. I also include my email and phone number underneath so my contact information is easily accessible if needed.
I hope this post has been helpful to you and if you need a visual
 you can download the Email Template Here

Until next time..
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The #1 Tip To Drinking More Water

I am the worst when it comes to drinking water. Some days I dont drink water at all and then other days thats all I drink. It's something that I know I need to do and something I really need to get better at. Part of the problem is that I dont have water accessible to me when I really want to drink it (which is about 90% of the day). Either that or I dont have my water bottle with me to fill it up.

I have figured out that if you want to drink more water there is only ONE way to make sure it happens. Carry your water bottle with you EVERYWHERE. Or always make sure there's water ready in your fridge for you to grab and go. Doing this has made drinking water for me much easier. I personally prefer to bring my contigo water bottle with me everywhere because I love the straw! This water bottle is very similar to the camelback water bottle!

(shoutout to my friend cliff for being a hand model!) 

My only problem now is actually remembering to bring it with me or to refill it throughout the day. I am working on it I promise! However, I have learned that if I am at home and I leave it on my desk, I will voluntarily drink it, because I will drink or eat just about anything that is in front of me.
What are some ways you get yourself to drink more water? Do you guys use apps or timers? Share with me please!! I so desperately  need it haha.
Until next time..
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10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

To say that I am instagram obsessed would definitely be an understatement. I spend more time on instagram than I would like to admit honestly. It's so hard not to though! The inspiration and entertainment is endless if you follow the right accounts. So today I am sharing with you guys 10 of my favorite instagram accounts.
1) So to start it off I of course LOVE the bloguettes instagram! They have a consistent posting schedule which is one of the reasons I love them and their content is so good! Almost every post links back to a post on their blog or video on their youtube so it's more than just their pictures!

2) Second I ABSOLUTELY love @curlsunderstood. Mainly because I'm a curly girl myself and I love seeing photos of other curly girls! Plus they give tips and showcase hairstyles as well!

3) Next up is @heyclaire who is a youtuber that I have been following for a few years now and her instagram is very pleasing to my eyes. She travels often and posts a lot of those photos here and I love going to her account and scrolling!

4) Another youtuber I love to follow on instagram is @shirleybeniang! She has a blog along with her youtube channel and my favorite thing about her is her personality and fashion sense! If I want inspiration for an outfit her account is one I go to first!

5) The next account I love belongs to @ravenelyse, yes another youtuber! I can't help it being a youtuber myself I am constantly exposed to big youtubers channels and accounts. Her account is another favorite because of her fashion sense as well as some of her hairstyles. Lately she has been posting a lot of personal photos which I love, because she is actually expecting and pregnancy is so exciting to me! It's amazing to see be able to see her go through her pregnancy with so much excitement!

6) @juliadeitzy is one of the girls I work with and her personality just shines through in the office! But one thing that I love seeing on her instagram is her travel photos! She's been to amazing places and she shares her photos and some short video clips as well! I recommend checking her out if you love accounts like that. 

7) Another girl I work with has a beautiful instagram as well! @hannahstingel has one of the most aesthetically pleasing instagrams I have seen. Her filters and content are 100% perfect and I love when she pops a selfie in there every once in awhile!

8) @laurenswells is a new account I have come across actually a few days ago and I really enjoy her instagram! I can't quite tell you why yet but check it out for yourself and you may understand!

9) Diamond (@pariselsewhere) is someone I met a few weeks ago and she has a great personality and her photography is so beautiful. I really love her account and I love what she posts because she doesn't seem to have a theme but everything goes so well together.

10) Last, but definitely not least @bretmanrock is one of my favorite instagrams to go to for entertainment! His makeup is on point and he is hilarious!

I would love for you to tell me your favorite instagram accounts in the comments! I am always looking for someone new to follow! Until next time,
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