Winter Dance 2013

(left to right: Emily, Shiina, ME, Aloha, & *tba)

The winter dance (December 6th,2013) was actually a lot more fun than expected! I really had a good time and I can definitely say that I enjoyed myself! I almost wish we had more dances like it haha. It kind of reminded me of high school, like how we had winter formal, except this was less formal. Semi-formal to be exact! Anywho, I'm really glad I spent that night with the people I did. They made it so much fun!
Here's some pictures from that night!

another of the same girls above!

 Shiina and I looking cute and ready to go! :)

I swear I am always eating! (it was a good breadstick though!)

College life in just two pictures. ^^^^^^^^^^

Candid shots are the best I must say! I met this kid that night! I believe his name is Jeremy? Don't quote me on that though! haha, here's a more formal picture of us!

(I think I look cute in this picture.. just saying ;) haha)

Wynter and I!

Kat and I!

Love these two! They always look best when they're smiling/laughing!

standing around haha. 

another with jeremy (?)

This was so scary! He picked me up and then his friend was going to pick him up while still holding me! :O But thankfully he didn't haha.

Overall, the night was great! I danced, ate good food, and was in good company.
Until next time..

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