Delta Nu? Nahhh, Alpha Gamma Delta

Soo, this movie (Legally Blonde for those uneducated folks) is one of the first reasons I've always wanted to be in a sorority! It just seemed so fun! And guess what?! I am now rushing for AGD, aka , Alpha Gamma Delta! So far so good too! I really love the girls and I pray that I get a bid to pledge! That would be the best! I really just love what they are about! 

Inspire the woman impact the world! 
That right there says so much about AGD as a whole. I love it!
Our first formal rush event was today and it was awesome! We had a torch thing on the wall where we all wrote why we wanted to join. 

I really am so excited for the next two formal events. I know so many other girls who are also rushing and it makes things so much more fun! I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes!

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