What I'm Thankful For!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

In honor of it being thanksgiving break I have recently been thinking of all the things I am so grateful for. This past year has been really up and down for me but overall it has been a really good year. There's so many things to celebrate this year overall though! And just like every other blogger I plan to tell you about these things!

1. My fabulous mother


2. My awesome roommates

3. My health and happiness!

I'm also thankful for smaller things like christmas lights, good smelling candles, the joy of the holiday season, and the ability to email my family in a different country. I'm thankful that I am a woman of God, a daughter to an amazing mother, and a friend to some of the most amazing people I could have ever met. This year has been so wonderful for me and I hope it has for everyone else.

2014 has been like a book, and now that there's only one more month left, let's make this last chapter really count for something! 

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving and don't eat too much turkey!
Until next time..
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