Weekend Shenanigans!

Last weekend was so much fun for me! I watched most of the Seahawks game with my roomie Maddie and she was really stressed out because she is a HUGE fan! Sadly I had to leave after halftime because I had two photoshoots to do. Thankfully Seattle pulled through and won over the packers! Woohoo! I can't even tell you how excited my roommate was!

Here's a photo from the second shoot I did. These two lovely ladies are some of my good friends that I have met at GCU. It was so much fun shooting with them, mostly because they're a bunch of goofballs and made me laugh the whole time!

After the shoot I finished up some homework and then Imani and I went to spend the night with two of my best boys.. Ty & Gio!

This last picture is actually a picture of a picture. A polaroid to be exact! I love polaroids and after being around Gio and his polaroid I have decided I am going to get one for myself! Especially with some colored polaroid film. I absolutely love it!

The rest of the weekend was pretty good as well. I'm hoping this weekend is just as good, if not better. Comment below on how your weekend was, or how you expect this one to be! I'd love to hear about it! 

Until next time..
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