"Not always eye to eye.. but always heart to heart."

Happy mothers day to all the mothers out there! 
I wish that I could be with my mother day, especially since I haven't spent a mothers day with her in FOUR YEARS! Although, I have had very good reason to not be with her the past 3. Every mothers day of my college years has been spent with my great grandmother, and this is the first year without her here. It's a hard day. I woke up and immediately thought "I need to call granny!" and then realized that I could not. And although this made me extreme sad, it also made me remember that not only do I still have my mother, but I have 3 other grandmothers, and MANY other mother figures who love me and who also care for me. Although I lost a big part of my life and heart, I am not alone. I am not unloved or forgotten about. And I just wanted to remind all the mothers who have made a big impact in my life, that you are never forgotten about. I think of you often, even if I don't speak with you all the time. Not only that, but I love each and every one of you unconditionally and I am so glad that you are apart of my life. There are not enough gifts or ways to say I love you, to truly show the appreciation for what you do for your children every single day. I can't thank you enough for all the love and compassion we are spoiled with. 

To my mother, my backbone, my caretaker, and my biggest supporter (tied with granny because we both know she'd fight you for the title lol). I love you so much. I know our relationship and life has not always been the easiest, especially because we both know I am a handful! But I know that you have done your best, and you have always loved me, and I know you always will. I hope you never forget that everything I am, is because of you. Thanks for being my human incubator ;)
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