"Boo!" "Ahh you scared me!" (halloween 2013)

I had an interesting halloween night. It started off pretty amazing and then slowly turned not so good. Overall however it was a good night and I was satisfied by the time I had finally laid down to go to sleep. I can definitely say that I enjoyed myself very much! Thanks to all my friends for making it a good halloween, definitely one to remember! 
We all went down to Waikiki Strip and there were sooo many amazing costumes, but sadly I couldn't get pictures of many because I was trying not to get run over haha. There was A LOT of people. It was pretty intense, but I can't wait to do it again next year. 

Two of my favorite costumes were definitely Jesus and Freddy haha. Jesus told me he knew all the sins I was going to commit that night and that I was forgiven. I kindly told him thanks, but you're talking to the wrong girl haha. No sins that night! I played mom most of the night to my other friends, which is fine because I always do and I really don't mind :) 
Freddy kind of scared me to be honest but I had to get over my fear and take a picture with someone scary right?! Why not Freddy!.. Except I had a dream about him killing me that night which is something I did not enjoy! 

All in all, like I said before, it was a good night and I can't wait for next year. 
I have many more pictures if anyone would care to see them! 

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