Midnight madness

Midnight Madness

We played New Mexico last night and it was even a ESPN special. It was a lot of fun. Sadly we lost :/ We definitely should have won though, it was a really tough game because the refs were calling BS plays. It was very frustrating but our team still played well and I'm super proud of how they've started off their season. I'm really excited to attend the rest of the games!
I went with a lot of friends and had a great time with them! Here's some pictures from the game!

These girls always made staying up until 3am worth while! I had a really good time with them all! Can't wait to go to more games with them! It's going to be awesome!
I was also really happy to see Bryson and Stephanie last night! 
I'll add the picture I took with them later as I don't have it right now. 

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