Rain, Rain Go Away!

On Saturday it rained ridiculously hard! This picture was taken about 5 minutes before the rain came down really hard. It rained so much that these streets were flooded. 
We were in the ocean at Lanikai beach. It was a lot of fun until it started raining so hard that we couldn't see. However, the journey there was fun. 

To the left is Kat and to the right is Wynter. My poor friends. All damp from the crazy rain. This also was taken before it started pouring extra exra hard. They were definitely more wet by the end of our trip haha. While on the way to the beach we had the normal childish fighting between Wynter and Nick.

they're basically like five year olds , brother and sister continuously messing with each other. It's quite hilarious actually and very entertaining lol.
Kat and I took selfies while this was going on.

Here's one of the ones we took haha. Don't mind my scarf lol

Kat was also our little navigator for part of the trip. She's so cute!

Here's her being super cute! :D

Overall we had a good time and we even had a good end to our nights!

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