Smokey's Shenanigans!

(left to right: me, wynter, kat and nick.)

Today was a very productive day. I finished my essay that was due at midnight 5 hours before it was due! And then we all decided to go to Smokey's Pipe and Coffee shop. I got some tea (and a second cup courtesy of Kat because she wanted to hear me say the word hormones.. long story..) Kat and Nick got kava and of course, Kat got coffee haha. We had a good time :D

My green tea was perfection!

It was pretty late, here's how dark it was!

I kind of really like this picture.. anyways we stood in this spot for about 20-30 minutes after we left smokeys. All we did was talk and try to figure out what to do next. We decided on going to 7-eleven and then home. On the way home I saw this and I see it all the time but I never remember to take a picture of it. Finally I did. I really like it, and I am sure most of you can guess why! :)

It was a good night indeed and now it is time for me to get some shut eye. Sleepy time for abriel :)

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