Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

My first full day back in Arizona I went to a football game at ASU stadium with my dad, brother, jaime, alex and jeremiah. It was a lot of fun! Michigan and K-state were playing, and sadly K-state won haha.. I did have a good time though!

This was our view. We had some pretty good seats! Thank goodness for not having nosebleeds lol. 

Alex shared his Michigan blanket with me because it was absolutely freezing outside! i'm used to the 70/80 degree weather at night in Hawaii haha. Arizona's actually been a bit cold!

Jaime and I took a lot of selfies!! Hahaha, we weren't really watching the game too much. We just really wanted to spend a lot of time together. :)

It was a fun time overall! Sorry for getting behind on my posts! I've been having too much fun in Arizona!

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