Night With Anissa and Caylin

(another late post)

I absolutely love these girls! We had such a fun time together!
Below was supposed to be a compilation of videos of us being really bad at taboo, however the sound doesn't work. :(

You can still see that we were being completely dumb haha. If you follow me on instagram (@abrieljoyu) you can view the video the right way! haha
Anywayyyys, We played taboo, made a walmart and taco bell run. We somehow end up getting food at the end of the night, always! I really missed hanging out with these girls. We had SO much to talk about so we just basically caught up before it was time for me to go back to LA! it was a great night overall!

Basically Anissa hates us.. JK haha this was a snapchat picture we sent to Gabe because he was being a meanie to Anissa haha. Yeah, sorry this post is so short! 

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