Party Weekends~

Soooo, last weekend my friends and I partied quite a bit. And all in ONE night. It was insane. We hit up like 3 parties. It was basically the same people at each one but it kept getting moved. (so dumb btw). Anyways, we still had a good time over all. The above picture I like to call "drunk girls crossing" haha Also, on a random side note, I like to think that I looked kind of cute that night ;) Look! 

If any of you follow me on instagram (@abrieljoyu), you'll know I posted this today, but this picture was actually taken last weekend! Haha, and my hair looks really black here but we all know that my hair has been dyed. I have to dye it once more because the color is not showing up how I want to. Butttt, either way that's a subject for another day. It was a good time and hopefully this weekend is equally as good!

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