Lunch Time!

Yesterday felt so stressful for me.. I had a lot going on school wise and so much to get done regarding financial aid and classes. However, my awesome disciples came through and saved the day! And without even realizing it they automatically lifted my spirits! 


It was a Pho party if I ever saw one! Haha. Pho all around please! Anyways, it was a great time as it always is with them! We just talked and just enjoyed each others company. Here's more pictures (of course.)

 Liz, Meaghan, and Camea



Meaghan and Camea

Bryson and I

 A little "background" on the picture above.. Bryson wanted to pose like an "egyptian" because, well.. you know, they always had portraits of their profiles.. I think. I don't know to be honest.

Bryson and Kawika

Me, Bryson and Kawika 

Can't wait to blog more about these awesome friends of mine! Until next time..

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