Appreciation Post: I Love My Disciples

I just wanted to make a post about the people who have changed my life in just a matter of two months and have completely turned it upside down. I have been so blessed by God to have these amazing people in my life. It's so funny how once you start following Jesus and being in God's word how he continuously blesses you. I don't think I have ever felt so close to him (God) and so happy in so long. I owe it not only to God himself but to the people he has recently put into my life.

My beautiful and loving Camea, she has touched my heart and help me become a better person in so many ways. I wouldn't be the same if I ever lost her. She is a constant reminder that I can always love more.

Jamal.. He's a character that's for sure. He really helped me by opening me to the HICC community to begin with and because of that I won't ever be able to thank him enough.

Bryson is definitely someone I know I can look to and be reminded that my Faith can always be stronger. He continuously shows me that everyday and he helped bring me back to HICC so for that I am forever grateful. 

Ted and Jane are wonderful disciples and I am so blessed to have them in my life. Jane was there for almost all of my bible studies and really helped open my eyes to a better world. Ted is just such an awesome brother, he really is. I know he's a brother I can definitely always talk to and I appreciate that.

Liz has such an awesome loving heart and is constantly a joy to be around. She lifts my spirits and always has a scripture ready for any situation! 

Mike O! He's great and an awesome bass player! He really has a love for God and I know he has so much awesomeness ahead of him. He's such a chill guy and I am so glad that we're friends!

Sami!! My discipler who has been an awesome sister and friend to me since day one. Her knowledge of things really blows my mind at times. 

And last but not least my wonderful sister meaghan! Who knew that we would have so much in common and that we would get along so well! She's so great and I love her so much! So glad we're so close now and I wouldn't want to have it any other way.

I really do love all of them and many more other disciples to the moon and back! And four times over! 
Thanks for sticking around until the end of this post (if you did that is haha) Until next time.

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