FellowShip time at Zippys!

Yesterday after I went to my new brother Ken's baptism some of the other disciples and I went to fellowship at Zippy's! I got oatmeal as you see from the picture above. It was really good! Haha.


Above is my brothers in Christ Bryson and Jesse! They're awesome bro's and were a joy to fellowship last night! Bryson and I sang my favorite Les Miserables song (his favorite too). Empty Chairs at Empty Tables ;(((((( hahaha tears everywhere! Just kidding, but it was a good time. And Meaghan and Elle were there as well! I love those sisters!


Meaghan is on the left and Elle is on the right. These girls are awesome and I love them so much! All five of us together sang all the way home in the car. It was the best part of the night for me!

When I thought the fun would end, it got even better! I spent the night with Meaghan again! And we always have fun together :) She made me breakfast this morning too which was so kind of her! 

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