My Fourth of July

I know, I know.. This Fourth of July post is extremely late, however, I promise I have a reason (aka excuse) as to why I have not written my independence day blog post. I have been sort of busy this past week and I was lazy and didn't make time. Nothing big, just me giving into the laziness! Also because on Monday evening I flew from Texas to North Carolina to visit my sister Katrina! 

This is my sister Katrina, but more on her later in the week! 

I've been here and I have been  v e r y  lazy. It's hard not to be on vacation, but never the less here are some photos from my Fourth of July holiday!

My family and I went to this lake to swim, hang out and watch the fireworks!

After the lake my cousins headed home and the rest of us went back to my grandmothers house. We popped off some more fireworks there and just had a good time. I will definitely say that the best part of the night was seeing my brothers being closer and also lauren and I playing around with the sparklers.

Well, that was my Fourth of July. I hope all of you had a fantanstic day and enjoyed yourselves!
Until next time..

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