5 Christmas Eve Traditions!

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is here!

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There's no other night quite as magical as Christmas Eve. Families all over the world have a wide variety of traditions, from sacred to sentimental. I've got some listed below that I and some friends of mine really enjoy. If you don't already have Christmas Eve traditions then you should try these! And if you already do then why not add some more to your list!

  • Pajama "Game": Most families open one gift on Christmas Eve and they usually all know what they're getting: comfy Christmas pajamas. It's a tradition that kicks off gift giving and gets everyone ready for bed and all cute for Christmas morning!
  • White Elephant: If you throw a party or even just a small get together this game is really fun to do. Whenever someone agrees to attending you ask them to bring a secret gift that can't exceed a certain amount (most people do 25$ or less). To see how it works go here White Elephant Rules
  • Bake: Have a decorating party and bake cookies to leave out for santa and his reindeer that night!
  • Watch Christmas Movies: Snuggle up with family (in your new pajamas of course) with some eggnog or hot cocoa and grab a Christmas movie! Some of my favorites are: Home Alone, Elf, The Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, Four Christmases, A Christmas Story and more!
  • Christmas Lights: After eating your Christmas Eve dinner take a walk or a drive through your neighborhood or another neighborhood and look at the lights 

That's all I have for you guys for now! I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve and continue your traditions and possibly make new ones! Comment down below and tell me what traditions you have!

Until next time.
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