Christmas Time!

I know it's almost new years and Christmas was days ago but I still wanted to post about how mine went! To be honest when I first woke up I almost forgot it was Christmas. This holiday season something has just been off and it didn't really feel like it was the holidays. However, when I went downstairs and saw my tree I was quickly reminded! The tree above isn't my tree, it's my aunts tree actually. We had Christmas dinner at her house this year. 

We had a small tree this year, I think mostly because we were too lazy ha! 

Please excuse how I look in the morning but as you can see I was very happy to open gifts!

I also baked some gingerbread cookies later that day for my grandmother! They came out delicious and I was so happy! :) We drove to my aunts house for dinner and we had a really good time.

Overall it was a really good Christmas, not the same as ones I have had years before, but good nonetheless. Hopefully next year I will have more Christmas spirit! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whichever you may celebrate and I hope you have a wonderful New Years!

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