Roadtrip to California!

Friday December 12th, 2014 - The day we embarked on an adventure!
Last Friday Edie, Christina, and I all left Phoenix to travel to California so we could go home for the holidays. Finals week had come to an end and we were ready to be on the road and be home with our families. I'm sad to say that I vlogged the whole trip like I did with the last roadtrip but I lost all of the video footage! :( Thankfully I didn't lose the pictures, but I really didn't take that many to begin with.. Oh well! No point in dwelling on things I can't change.

We did a mini shoot at a rest stop with Edie because the background was so nice!

Anyways, the road trip was actually pretty fast. We all had a good time during the drive and got safely home to our families at the end of the day. And honestly, that's all that matters and that's all we really cared about. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break so far. I'll be posting about finals week and how my break is going so far soon!
Until next time..
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