10 Favorite Instagram Accounts

To say that I am instagram obsessed would definitely be an understatement. I spend more time on instagram than I would like to admit honestly. It's so hard not to though! The inspiration and entertainment is endless if you follow the right accounts. So today I am sharing with you guys 10 of my favorite instagram accounts.
1) So to start it off I of course LOVE the bloguettes instagram! They have a consistent posting schedule which is one of the reasons I love them and their content is so good! Almost every post links back to a post on their blog or video on their youtube so it's more than just their pictures!

2) Second I ABSOLUTELY love @curlsunderstood. Mainly because I'm a curly girl myself and I love seeing photos of other curly girls! Plus they give tips and showcase hairstyles as well!

3) Next up is @heyclaire who is a youtuber that I have been following for a few years now and her instagram is very pleasing to my eyes. She travels often and posts a lot of those photos here and I love going to her account and scrolling!

4) Another youtuber I love to follow on instagram is @shirleybeniang! She has a blog along with her youtube channel and my favorite thing about her is her personality and fashion sense! If I want inspiration for an outfit her account is one I go to first!

5) The next account I love belongs to @ravenelyse, yes another youtuber! I can't help it being a youtuber myself I am constantly exposed to big youtubers channels and accounts. Her account is another favorite because of her fashion sense as well as some of her hairstyles. Lately she has been posting a lot of personal photos which I love, because she is actually expecting and pregnancy is so exciting to me! It's amazing to see be able to see her go through her pregnancy with so much excitement!

6) @juliadeitzy is one of the girls I work with and her personality just shines through in the office! But one thing that I love seeing on her instagram is her travel photos! She's been to amazing places and she shares her photos and some short video clips as well! I recommend checking her out if you love accounts like that. 

7) Another girl I work with has a beautiful instagram as well! @hannahstingel has one of the most aesthetically pleasing instagrams I have seen. Her filters and content are 100% perfect and I love when she pops a selfie in there every once in awhile!

8) @laurenswells is a new account I have come across actually a few days ago and I really enjoy her instagram! I can't quite tell you why yet but check it out for yourself and you may understand!

9) Diamond (@pariselsewhere) is someone I met a few weeks ago and she has a great personality and her photography is so beautiful. I really love her account and I love what she posts because she doesn't seem to have a theme but everything goes so well together.

10) Last, but definitely not least @bretmanrock is one of my favorite instagrams to go to for entertainment! His makeup is on point and he is hilarious!

I would love for you to tell me your favorite instagram accounts in the comments! I am always looking for someone new to follow! Until next time,
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  1. I love Tuulavintage on instagram, but so many of these accounts look so good as well. I'm off to go on an Instagram follow spree.


  2. I checked out Tuulavintage and I love! Thanks for sharing! :)