Useless Updates!

I'm back with another useless update! My past two posts were college tips and so I decided to change it up a bit and just update you guys on my life!

In honor of labor day yesterday I shot with a friend of mine and these are two of the photos I took. I didn't take a lot because I mostly did video footage. You should definitely check out his instagram though (@iamsuedewilliams) because his work is really good and the photos he took came out really nice! Here's one he took of me!

I don't like pictures of myself so kudos to him for actually taking a picture of me that I like.

In other news it has been about a month since I last saw my baby cousin Miles and I am having major withdrawals! I love this kid so much and he just brings me happiness! But that's the end of that before I get emotional over how much I miss him.

I'm wearing a backpack.. that only means one thing. School has started!! Not that you couldn't tell from the other pictures or anything lol. School has been so great so far and I know this semester is going to be a really good one! I'll definitely be posting more about school this year than last year.

I also dyed my hair and I am not sure how I feel about it yet. I really like it but I'm trying to go for a certain color and I'm just not there yet.. However, I used demo-permanent hair dye so it kind of placed the color instead of stripping my previous color and then placing it so I think just combined with my old color differently than I expected. So, in a few weeks I'll be permanently dying it in hope of getting the result I want!

Well that's all I have for now..
Until next time..

 photo light pink xoxo_zpsvary32vn.png

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