Useless Updates | Turning 21 & Lots of Coffee!

It has been awhile since I last posted and I sincerely apologize. School is finally getting the best of me but I a persevering! Anyways.. I am back with another Useless Updates post filled with lots of fun, and useless information :) 

So to start off, I TURNED 21!

Although there's nothing that different about being 21.. other than being able to legally drink I feel exactly the same! I had such a good birthday though, good friends, good food, good drinks and an all around good time! I'll share some more photos later in the week but I wanted to recap it a little bit now.

Lately I have been going on some pretty awesome coffee adventures with some great new friends of mine! 

This is Krissy! We went to Lola Coffee and hung out for an hour just talking about everything! We had a lot of fun, as you can see from the picture above!

This is Karley! We've gone out to Coffee twice, the first time to Sip Coffee & Beer and the second time to Songbird Coffee & Tea House. We talked SO much the first time about anything we could think of, but the second time we just really enjoyed each others company and it was great! 

This is Katy! She is such a laid back person and you get a really good vibe from her just by sitting next to her! We were both a little tired and didn't talk much but we had good cups of tea and a nice brunch to go along with it! I'm actually getting coffee with her tomorrow and I can't wait!
I love going to new coffee shops so much that I am starting a short series on my Youtube channel called Coffee Break - HERE is the first video!  
Speaking of coffee.. Last but not least I have been going to my friend Alec's for coffee every Tuesday & Thursday. He has an amazing thing going on in his apartment. He makes great coffee for a great community of people! 

I'll definitely be writing more about Alec and the business he is starting up soon, so be on the lookout for that!
That's all I have for now so until next time..
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