College Student Struggles

It's been awhile since I have written a personal blog post, let alone a blog post at all. However, I felt the need to discuss something that came up in one of my online philosophy classes. 

For my online classes we have weekly discussion questions that have to be answered. A few weeks ago the discussion question was this.. "Take stock of an aspect of your own life in which you struggle to be virtuous. Think about why this might be the case and what action you intend to take to develop and maintain this virtue consistently in your life." Living a virtuous life can be a struggle for college students everywhere. Although no two college students have the same experience, the undergraduate years are marked by certain commonalities: students are challenged intellectually, socially, and ethically.

My classmates responses were all very interesting, but I did notice a recurring pattern. A lot of them spoke about struggling with patience. Whether it be when in class, with homework, while driving, or even with themselves. I began to really wonder why so many of my classmates struggled with being patient. Is it because we can get almost anything at the snap of our fingers due to technology? Or possibly some other reason? My professor also brought this up and asked if we believed it was because we live in a culture that promotes immediate gratification, hyper technology, and information overload. I definitely think this is the reason and because of this we are faced with having expectations that are void of the maturation that comes within the journey of time. 

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