19, The Last Teen Year.

Sooo, I forgot to write about my wonderful birthday weekend on here! So.... here it goes..
This is my first picture as a 19 year old! My last year as a teenager is here :O It's so crazy how fast it went by! It seemed as if it took forever to get here but when it finally did, it's almost like it never happened. I definitely enjoyed my day. I spent most of it with my friend Kelsey! We went out to eat lunch and then just hung out and went shopping after. It was a really good day! Here's a picture of us from that day!

She also threw me a party the very next day! I definitely had a good time! There were soooo many people there! It was a little crazy! Not what I'm used to on my birthday. I miss having my mom buy me a cake and sing me happy birthday and having my dad make me some really good food for dinner and being with Anissa, Sydney and who ever else. But everyone here definitely made it easier for me to not notice how sad I was that I wasn't at "home". Overall it was a realllllly good weekend! My friend Shawn and I ended up matching without realizing lol. Here's a picture of us the night of my party!

Also, my roommate is amazing! She decorated the room for me and even bought me a present! She's the best and I couldn't have asked for a better roommate!
Here's a picture of us together! :D

Link to my birthday video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tEyx0WIocw

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