"Study Hard To Achieve Your Goals"

So I have a midterm today! So exciting! (not really, i hate the class.) But anyways. I've been studying pretty hard but I'm still not really sure how this test is going to go. I wish I was more sure of how I was going to do. I'm actually very scared because I really want to get a good grade. I guess I have to just pray I do well. Studying is so stressful when it comes to midterms. The past year (actually year and a half) I've been having a focus problem.. I can't pay attention to something for more than about 10-15 minutes without wanting to do something else. I keep getting distracted easily and it's really starting to hurt me.

Another problem I have when studying is procrastinating. It can get pretty bad but I have been trying my hardest to work on it. It's gotten a little better though.. It's very hard to start studying but once I do I usually do fine with not procrastinating. However, getting to the point where I am studying is the hard part. Hopefully this will get better over time!

When it comes to studying something new, this is usually how I feel haha. But it's over a period of a week not in once sitting lol.

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