A Good Way To Go..

Tea Date with Kat is how I started off my day! (Actually I went with her to her last final and thennn we got starbucks after.) I knew I wasn't going to be spending a lot of time with Kat that day seeing as we both had errands to run and last minute things to do before we left to go home. She actually left that night so she was stressing a little bit throughout the day.

Kat is seriously the cutest person! How could you not love her! 

I like to think we're pretty cute hahaha

So Kat has been trying to get a bird to come eat from her, practically all year. It's crazy but they all run away from her. Haha. On our last day here before break she finally got one to be her friend! This is her excited face. 

I also got to spend time with Wynter! We ran some errands together! We accidently went all the way to chinatown (took the wrong bus) but we made it to our destination in the end (ala moana and walmart)
here's some pictures from our trip!

bus rides get boring sometimes.

Also that night the girls i'm close with on my floor had a ramen party haha. We all had different kinds of ramen noodles and hung out in Emily's room and ate one last "meal" together!


here's the last sunset i saw in Hawai'i before leaving!!

taken on my iphone so not the greatest but no filter and still beautiful nonetheless.

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