California Bound!

Today I left Hawai'i en route to Los Angeles, California! The whole trip wasn't to bad actually and I was surprised honestly! When I got to the honolulu airport it was so empty looking!

and the security line was annoying as alwaysssss..

But once I got through all of that it wasn't too bad! I stopped by starbucks to get myself a Joy tea!

and luckily i didn't have to travel completely alone. my friend vanessa was on the same flight as I! So we shared breakfast while waiting. Spam, rice, and eggs!!

Vanessa! (not the best picture, taken on my phone)


Breakfast was good and helped me to keep from getting too impatient while waiting to board the plan..

view while waiting to board haha.

When I was finally on the plane I got some more shots! (of course!) And throughout the plane ride as well.. I'll post them below.

my main view

Just kidding about the above caption. This was my main view. I read the whole plane ride! I even finished the book! ( The fault in our stars by John Green)

my bag was so packed it was a little cramped for my feet with my boots on so i took them off and it was muchhhhh better!!

Pretty sunset!

this was my flight neighbor. he slept most of the way.

very quiet plane ride to be honest..

I really love this picture. it was on accident too! we were getting close to LA, well about to land actually and the little girl behind me was looking out her window, as was I, but I was trying to take a picture. I moved my camera to the side to look closer and accidently pressed the button and wah la! i really do like this for some reason though.

Okay this one was on purpose. i couldn't help it i got one good shot on accident and i wanted more, but ones that were on purpose. haha photographer probs..


The baggage took FOREVER to come..

Got picked up here and finally...

I headed home! So happy!

Leaving LAX.. see you in 3 weeks though.

Until next time...

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