Christmas 2013! It was a great one! I meant to post this like three days ago so I apologize for the lateness! Anywho, christmas was great! I spent the whole day with my granny :) I really enjoyed it. Her and I watched christmas movies and just talked. Right before my family was going to eat the lights went out!! And not just in our house, but the whole neighborhood as well. We had to go old school and use candles haha. We didn't have many flashlights handy.

My grandmother has the really cool vintage looking candle (pictured above) which I used to get around the house. It gets so dark so early where my grandmother lives! It gets early starting around four and it doesn't get dark until about 7 in Hawai'i. Nevertheless we ate our christmas dinner at candlelight and it was actually quite nice! Great dinner as always!!

(my christmas selfie) :D

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