Christmas Cracker Tag!

(this was sitting in my drafts, I forgot to post it!)!
One: What's on your Christmas list?
- Always books, money, and winter candy apple spray! My list seems to get smaller every year but those things make the list every year. I really like things that come from the heart. <3

Two: What's on your Christmas Day agenda?
- Just a day with my grandmother! I'm spending the whole day with her

Three: How much Christmas shopping have you done?
- I've gotten all of mine done! Thank goodness. I hate last minute shopping because everyone always wants to go at that time. Usually because they've forgotten something.. Haha

Four: What's your biggest ever surprise gift?
- I know this is so weird, haha but when I was six I remember my grandmother and mother got me this big Barbie Hotel 'Playhouse'. They told me they didn't think they would be able to get it and surprised me on christmas day! Best christmas surprise ever lol

Five: When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?
- It honestly depends. It varies every year. But usually like the first or second week of December.

Six: Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas day?
- To be honest, no. Haha, I'm spending a lazy day with my grandmother! Pajamas for me!

Seven: Do you have any plans for boxing day?
- No plans haha. I'm not that interesting over break! I like to relax 24/7 while I can before school starts again!

Eight: When did you stop believing in Santa?
- When I was six! The same christmas I got the Barbie Hotel 'Playhouse' haha. Ironic huh?

Nine: What's your favorite Christmas scent?
- Hands down.. Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body Works. I get it every year and I have for over six years aha. It's my smell.

Ten: What do you love most about Christmas?
- Being able to relax with my family and eating delicious food. And the overall feeling of the season!

PS: I tagged my friend Jaime on youtube but idk if she's going to do it haha.

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