Lunch Time!

Yesterday felt so stressful for me.. I had a lot going on school wise and so much to get done regarding financial aid and classes. However, my awesome disciples came through and saved the day! And without even realizing it they automatically lifted my spirits! 


It was a Pho party if I ever saw one! Haha. Pho all around please! Anyways, it was a great time as it always is with them! We just talked and just enjoyed each others company. Here's more pictures (of course.)

 Liz, Meaghan, and Camea



Meaghan and Camea

Bryson and I

 A little "background" on the picture above.. Bryson wanted to pose like an "egyptian" because, well.. you know, they always had portraits of their profiles.. I think. I don't know to be honest.

Bryson and Kawika

Me, Bryson and Kawika 

Can't wait to blog more about these awesome friends of mine! Until next time..

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A picnic, what more could you ask for?

Green tea, CHOCOLATE, fruit, chips and salsa.. how you could go wrong with these things I don't know! We sure didn't though! 

On saturday I had an awesome k-date with Kawika, Jamal and Brittney. We went on a picnic at the beach (can't remember the name of the beach) and we had some awesome fellowship there! 

It was a total surprise to Brittney and I. They wouldn't tell us where we were going haha. I was so excited and shocked when we finally got there though! If you know me in person then you will know that I am quite obsessed with picnics! I love them so much and they really are one of my favorite things to do! Good food and good company.. you really can NOT go wrong with this.
I really appreciated all the effort these guys put into the picnic. It was really awesome.

Kawika and I

To be honest.. I really wish I could relive this day again! I know I've said it many times but I really enjoyed this k-date so much! I really don't know how anyone can top picnics! It was the best time ever. 

As you can tell from these pictures, these two guys are real 'characters' and if you knew them like I did you would know that their sense of humor is awesome. Anywho.. here's more pictures..


(it was a beautiful beach)

After the picnic we went to Kawika's dads house for fellowship, bible talk and a delicious dinner! I learned a lot from the bible talk and overall had a great time there. So great that I forgot to keep taking pictures. (oops..) Anyways.. That's all for this post.. Until next time.
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Before I make future posts.. I feel that it is important that I explain to everyone who reads my blog what K-dates (K standing for kingdom, kingdom meaning church) are. My church is ALL about unity and just overall togetherness, which is something I really appreciate and am happy to be apart of. With that said, we have k-dates.. which are dates we take other disciples on to just encourage them and hopefully just lift their spirit! It's a really awesome thing that we do and it is so much fun! So far I have been on two! (which I will post about soon) I have really enjoyed them both and I look forward to the many more I will have! Does anyones church do something similar? Lemme know, I'd love to hear about it! Until next time y'all!

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Photoshoots Galore!

So on saturday I had the awesome opportunity to shoot these three lovely ladies you see above. I even collabed with another photographer friend of mine Nicol! It was such a great time and I am so happy that I am getting back into my shooting mode. I have been out of it for so long and it kind of took a toll on me. I know this may sound crazy, but when I don't shoot for a long time I don't feel like myself. My finger even starts twitching sometimes! It's kind of insane, I know.. haha
Anyways, Here's some real pictures from the shoot!

(Nicol shooting)
quick side note before moving onto the other pictures.. Be sure to check out Nicol's instagram and website! He's got amazing work! instagram: nicolphotography website:

Nikki Taylor

Kylie Tatro

Nikki and Julia

Julia and Kylie 

Overall these ladies were such a good time and I can't wait for our next shoot together! 
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Appreciation Post

I just really wanted to make an appreciation post for this lovely lady above! I really miss having her around! She's such an amazing person and an awesome friend! She's so kind hearted and loving.. I couldn't ask for a better friend. She deserves the world and more. I pray for her happiness every day and I hope that she soon finds it. I can't explain how much she means to me in words. It's quite impossible. But.. I love her.

ps: she made the awesome signature you see below.. she's an amazing graphic designer! 

Until Next Time!

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(left to right: Shiina, Emily, Jaylen, Jennifer)

Last Saturday I had a photoshoot with those lovely ladies above. It was a lot of fun and I missed shooting sooo much. I'm not writing much, but if you want to check out some more of their pictures.. check out my photography page on instagram and facebook: abriel joy photography

We had a lot of fun as you can tell from these two pictures :)

Shoutout To My Church

Christle and I

I just wanted to shoutout my church! Honolulu International Christian Church! <3 They're so amazing. I got some pictures on sunday that I just wanted to share on here haha. Nothing really special! 

Ethan and I

Kawika and I

Jane and I

Camea and I
(ps: I really love how my hair looks here! The color pops! haha)

Ya Girl Got Baptized!

Last Friday (Valentines Day!) I got baptized! It was an awesome experience and I am so glad that I did it! I really love my church and the people who are apart of my campus ministry! They're amazing people! Anddddd.. they love me with the love of the lord <3

Here's Some Pictures..


goodbye old me..

Hello new me!!

(left to right: Liz, Jane, Me, & Camea)

I love these girls! (missing Sami) They've been such amazing people to me. So kind, caring and just open with everything. I couldn't ask for better! I've truly been blessed to have these girls in my life and I can't remember how I ever lived without them.

Until Next Time..