For My Mother - A Supermom

I know that in this movie her "mother" really did NOT know best haha. But I am glad to say that my mother almost always knows what is best for me! And this post, ladies and gentleman, is for her.

This is my wonderful mother and I! Can't you tell the resemblance?! haha, well if not take a look at these two pictures below and you definitely will!

We're baby twins! I'm on the left and my mother is on the right. Now I know she's about a year or two older than I am in my picture but we look so much alike that I once confused her picture for mine. I actually do it all the time when looking at pictures of her as a child. Either way, I know I have her to thank for my dashing good looks! :D

I like to think of my mom as a SUPERMOM. Cause she does it all and more for me! And more than half the time she doesn't think twice to do it. I used to wonder as a kid how she did all the things she done for me and I now know that it's because she's been hiding a cape in her closet all these years! I hope that one day I too will have a special cape in my closet that my kids find and feel the way I do about my mother, about me. (many years from now that is!

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in it's perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow." - Maya Angelou

You were the one who loved me, even when I gave you a thousand reasons not to. Because that's what you've always done. You have always loved me and been there for me no matter what wrong I have done. It's been 20 years since your first Mother's Day with me and 21 since your first with brother. No matter what trials and tribulations I've gone through thus far in life it's been a great 20 years calling myself your daughter because I wouldn't be the person I am today without your guidance, advice, and everything in between. You love me unconditionally and I'll never be able to repay you for that but I'll die trying. Love you momma. Happy Mother's Day. 💕

On this mothers day I like to picture my mom having fun, haha. She knows what I mean by this..

Anywayyyys, I will end this post here! But happy mothers day to all the mothers, mothers to be, and even those almost mothers. Keep your head up and your heart strong!

"Mothers hold their daughters hand for a moment, but hold their hearts for a lifetime. "

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