Beyu Caffe Sunday Brunch

Brunch is actually one of my favorite things in the world and I could not give you a good enough reason as to why, except for the fact that I just LOVE food! The past two sundays I have gone to brunch at the Beyu Caffe on Main st in Durham, North Carolina with my sister Katrina and her friend Destiny. It has been soooo great every time we have gone. I absolutely love this place and I wish I could take it back to Arizona with me!

I really liked their brunch menu because there were enough choices for me to choose from but not too many so I didn't feel overwhelmed! The first sunday we went I got the French Toast Victorio and it was delicious!

My sister Katrina got the sandwich and Destiny got the tacos. They leaned more towards the lunch aspect of brunch haha. 

Of course I had to get coffee while there! And might i say it was really really good! The coffee is what made me want to go back a second time.

Here we are after we had brunch. Smiling because we are so very full and happy about it!

This past sunday when we went it was really full in the cafe. I guess a lot of people really wanted brunch. I know I did! 

This time I went for the breakfast burrito and of course I had my coffee!!

And as I expected, it was delicious! 

I've really loved going to this cafe the past two weeks and I hope to go again for brunch next sunday! The food is delicious, the coffee amazing, and the whole vibe of the place is really great! Did I mention that it's also a jazz caffe? They have live jazz during brunch and during the week they have different jazz artists come and perform at night! 
Oh Beyu Caffe, why can't you come back home with me?

Do any of you enjoy brunch as much as I do? If so, comment what your favorite places to go are!
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  1. Hi ladies, Would you mind if I used your picture on a flyer for a brunch event were doing at Beyu on March 24th. Feel free to email us at