College Tips: What to bring

My blog is supposed to be all about my college adventures and experiences and lately I've not been posting about that because it's summer! However, school is right around the corner and I thought it would be fun to do a college tips series! I learned a lot in my first year and what to bring to college is one of them. There were so many things that I and so many of my friends forgot to bring but wish we had. It's not easy to pack for college, especially if you're going out of state and won't be close to home. This list kind of covers the basic things that most people tend to forget.

I know the obvious items such as clothing and shoes aren't in this list, but that's because those are obvious items. I do hope this list has helped some or just one of you! More college tips to come soon!
If there's something you bring to college that I left out comment below!! Or even tell me about things you might have forgotten your first year :) 
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