Currently I am... (in love with this picture I took the other day)

Reading: All of the blog posts that I am behind on reading. 53 to be exact. Yeah, it's that bad. I don't have a book to list here because I am on the hunt for a new book to read. If any of you would like to suggest one for me that would be GREAT!

Enjoying: my last few weeks of summer (or trying to anyways). I'm really looking forward to school but I know that once midterm season rolls around I will be missing these wonderful summer days.

Listening to: HAIM. I don't know what it is about this pop rock band but I LOVE them haha. I think my favorite song right now would be The Wire.

Photographing: my friends and moments with them.

Feeling: very impatient. As I said before I am really looking forward to school starting and I just can't wait any longer. I still have 11 days until I move into my dorm.

I got this post idea from one of my favorite bloggers Brittany - Happy Is A Choice Definitely go give her blog a read! You won't be disappointed I promise!
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