College Tips: Moving Into Your Dorm

It's that time of year... time to pack up and move into your college dorm! The first year of college presents a lot of new challenges, it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget about all the little details! Preparing for the things you can control is very crucial and important for your freshman year! Planning for your move to the dorms ( if you're on campus) can relieve stress for you and your parents! 

My first college tips post was about what to bring to your dorms, you can read that here. This post is about how to get your stuff there. As I prepare to move into the dorms at my college for my sophomore year I wanted to share some tips with you guys that I have personally learned and some others have shared with me!

  • First things first, decide what you really need to bring with you. You will have to leave a lot of things at home when moving to college. You have a very limited space and no matter how much you may love everything you own, you just can't bring it all with you! I am begging you, please try and not to overpack. Or else you'll end up looking like this..

And then once you get it all in your dorm you won't have a clue where to start. I've seen it and it is NOT pretty! So try your hardest to avoid it if you can.

  • Keep clothes on hangers if you can. If you're going out of state and have to pack a suitcase for a flight, this is obviously not an option for you. But for those of you who are going to colleges in state and/or driving to your out of state college, this saves lots of time moving in your clothes. All you have to do is fill your closet when you get to your dorm!

  • Similar to the above tip, if you're going to be in state or traveling to your college out of state by car then try to avoid a lot of suitcases. Instead, you can buy vacuum seal bags or the ziploc big bags to help transport your clothes, pillows, etc. Fold clothes that will be going in your drawers at college and place them in the bags. Organizing the bags by what you're going to put in drawers together will really benefit you!

  • Be smart about packing your car if you're driving. Put the heavy things on the bottom and build up from there. You may think this is common sense, but I assure you not everyone thinks to put the heavy items on the bottom. Using things like clothes or bedding to act as cushion between bulky items is very helpful. If you're not smart about packing your car, it'll probably look a little something like this when you pull up to your dorm.

I'm totally kidding but you get what I mean! 

  • Plan to arrive on time. If your school has a set time for move-in or gives you a suggested time, then go at that time. It's much easier on you moving in because the school usually has people who can help take things up to your dorm for you and it makes it easier on your parents as well so that they aren't stressing out.

  • Label all of your things. Label your stuff with your name and dorm name with your room number because it makes it easier for the people at the school helping you move in. By doing this you're making sure your stuff gets to the right room and you save a lot of hassle for the people helping you out and they don't have to worry about asking whose stuff is whose.

Hopefully by following these tips you have a much easier move-in! I really do hope these were helpful for any of you and if you've got any more tips I'd love to hear them! Leave your tips in the comments!

Until next time..
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  1. Going to college could be very exciting, but it is definitely not easy. You’ll be needing a lot of stuff, and sometimes when you think you have it all, that’s when you notice that you forgot your toothbrush. Haha! Kidding aside, those are some very useful tips. Thanks for sharing them with us, Abriel. Have a great day!

    Valerie Casey @ College Funding Freedom