I can't live without..

To make up for not posting I have decided to partially participate in blogtober! I'm six days late, using the 3rd day prompt, and I may not post everyday but I promise I am going to try!
Now, other than the usual food, water, shelter, family and friends.. I can NOT live without two things.
Coffee and Photos.
(photo from tumblr)

As a photographer it's hard not to be obsessed with photos. I became a photographer so that I could capture memories for others so of course it's been a habit to do so with my own life! 

I think my favorite thing about photos is that you can always go back to missed memories. No matter how much time has passed the picture never changes. As a child my great-grandmother has always had 'thousands' of photo albums from when she was little up until after I was born and we would always go through them and she would share stories about all her adventures and her lifetime memories. It's something that I've always loved doing with her and I hope to do so with my great-grandchildren one day too.  Pictures are memories you can relive time and time again. I love it!

Coffee is life. That's all I need to say. 

What can't you live without? Please share below because I would love to connect with other bloggers this october :)

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Until next time!
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