Letter to myself in 10 years

In a few days I will be 20 so just thinking about being 30 in 10 years is crazy to me. I can't even imagine the kind of life I will be living at that age. If I had to write myself a letter at 30 then I guess it would go like this...
Dear Self (10 years from now),
     I would first like to say congratulations on making it to 30! (In 2 days to be exact.. sooo HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! Hopefully by now you've succeeded in starting your own photography business or at least working on it. You may or may not have a family by now depending on how much you've been working and that's okay if you don't! I hope you've decided to not cut your hair short ever again. That's one experience you definitely need to leave in the past! Now, 30 seems so far and so close at the same time. It also seems old.. but in reality it's not old at all. Honestly, all I have to say to you is that you're loved by friends and family (never forget that please), you're a hard worker (always have been, always will be so keep it pushing), you're beautiful no matter what anyone has told you within the past 10 years, you are talented and you have a purpose in this world so continue to strive for the things you want and please follow your heart. I love you self and I am proud of you (hopefully *insert crying laughing emoji here).
Love always,
Self :)
ps; here's some pictures to remind you how silly and fun you were at (almost) 20 ;)
What things would you tell yourself 10 years from now?Would you give yourself any advice?

Until next time.. 
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