Hanging of the Greens

My school had a homecoming type of dance earlier this week. Although, we don't have a homecoming.. Let's just say it was a dance for no reason! Anyways.. It was fun for the time that I was there (because I was late and only stayed an hour). 

It was inside of our arena and they decorated it very nice. I didn't get pictures of the dessert. But that's mainly because I was too busy eating them! They had cookies, cupcakes, and a chocolate fountain! It was pretty tasty if I do say so myself!

Here I am with my beautiful roommates! We had fun together and went out afterwards. However, we didn't stay out long because Edie had to leave the next day to visit home. :( 
We miss her terribly and she's only been gone a day and a half..

I'm pretty sure Edie and Maddie were really into the song playing when this picture was taken. But with them who knows. 

Overall the dance and night was pretty good! Getting to sleep however was the BEST part of the night, because ya know, I'm a college student who NEVER sleeps like I'm so supposed to. Oh well, what can ya do right?

Here's more pictures for ya!

Until next time..

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