To an amazing man - Happy Birthday

This post is dedicated to my grandfather Clyde. 

I woke up this morning with a pain in my chest.. It's my third year not being able to call you on your birthday. Two years since I have heard your voice.. yet somehow I remember it like I spoke with you yesterday.  I still find it hard to remember that you're gone and I miss you so much everyday. 

You were always so encouraging and motivating me as a child and for that I am forever grateful. Life without you? I couldn't imagine one. You're one of the smartest, loving, and kind men I have ever known. You've shown me what kind of man to look for, but no matter what they'll never live up to your greatness. Everything you did in life was in service of others. That's a life I hope to live in honor of you. I live happily knowing that you would be proud of the woman I have become today and I know that you're constantly watching over me.

You loved everyone around you unconditionally and it left a mark on all of our hearts. Your love is like a legacy, it will never die. 

These are my last two pictures with you and although I don't really remember taking them I will treasure them forever. You always let me sit on your lap as a child and even though I was 16 in these photos you still let me sit as if I was 5. 

Things I miss about you: 
  • you explaining football to me and then always watching games with you yelling at the tv
  • your hugs (they were and always will be the best)
  • your smile
  • your kindness
  • your intelligence
  •  sitting in your office chair and you spinning me around until my stomach hurt from laughing at how dizzy I was
  • when you took my cast off my broken arm at 10 years old 
  • you listening to my made up stories as a child
  • falling asleep in your lap and you letting me stay there
  • your laugh
  • your love for the raiders
You may be gone now, but you're NEVER forgotten. Life is harder without you but I know you would tell me to keep going. I wish time could rewind and it would stand still in my last moments with you. I hope you heard me sing you happy birthday like I have always done every year. I'll never stop! I love you so much.. Happy Birthday Dad.

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  1. Oh my goodness!!!! I just saw this. Brought happy tears to my eyes. You captured the spirit of him so eloquently!!!! I know he is so proud of his Abby-Cakes