2015 Goals!

I didn't really have goals for 2014, I did have a new years resolution though. You can read my post about my resolution for 2014 and my new years eve here.
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My life has changed so much in just one year. It's insane really. I went from attending the University of Hawai'i and living in paradise to transferring to Grand Canyon University back on the mainland. Although I knew it was going to happen I wasn't really prepared for the shift and of course my plans for the future seemed to fall apart. And for a second my happiness did too. It was hard for me to leave the island of Oahu but it's gotten so much better with the help from my family and friends.

I've been reflecting on how much has and hasn't changed this past year. I've really lost touch with some friends I was once really close to. It's hard to keep in touch though when your lives go two separate ways. It saddens me but thankfully we haven't completely fallen off and life does go on.

I've been so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people at my new school. The friends I have made at GCU are truly wonderful and I am so blessed to have them. Some days they are the reason I get out of bed and go to class. I don't even know if I would survive a day without them now!

My main goals this year are mostly focused on myself because I always tend to focus on others. I've learned, however, that you can't take care of others if you're not taken care of.
So here they are, my goals for 2015!

Focus on what matters
I'm constantly stressing on the little things and forgetting what really matters at the end of the day. I stress for other people more than myself honestly, it's ridiculous. I just really to focus on what truly matters in my life.

Save more, spend less
I'm always stressing about money, no matter what. Even if I have enough I worry about spending it on the wrong thing! I need to start saving more money so I have it for unexpected expenses.

Enjoy the simple pleasures
I really try to work towards appreciating simplicity more. I just need to really remind myself to find joy in the most unexpected places! 

What are your goals/resolutions for 2015?

ps: Starting January 1st, 2015! Along with the new year will be a new blog design! :) Looking forward to the change!
Until next year..
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