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Many people go into college and are excited for all the different types of relationships they will have. Most are looking forward to the romantic relationships they'll form while being there. Any relationship, whether while in college or not will have some ups and downs and being the month of February I thought it would be a good time to talk about college relationships. Single or taken, these tips will help you navigate your relationships as well as have a good college experience also!

  1. Don't force a relationship. I see this happen so often to my friends and other college students that I think it should be the number 1 thing discussed. People end up in situations that leads to some type of hook-up and they feel like because that happened it's going to turn into something else. Don't feel obligated to call it a relationship just so you don't feel guilty about it. The possibility that a random hook-up might become your soulmate is - lets be honest here - slim to none. Before starting anything make sure it's what you really want or else it can cause a lot more trouble than needed.
  2. Don't intend to "fix" someone. People aren't perfect, and that's just a fact. If you're going into a relationship knowing exactly what you're going to try to change about that person -- then maybe you shouldn't be in that relationship in the first place. It's hard to change something just because you want it, you can't control what people do and you should never try to.
  3. Avoid mind games. If someone is playing mind games, or even trying to make you jealous.. RUN FAR AWAY. Mind games are not healthy and they're just a sign of immaturity. If you feel the need to play games then maybe it's not working out. Either try to work things out with the person by being honest or move on.
  4. Go on dates. This may seem like the most obvious piece of advice to give but it seems to be the most forgotten part of DATING! Hanging out in a dorm room 24/7 can get boring real fast and eventually you will get tired of doing the same ole thing.You're in college, so go out and actually do things. Don't act like an old married couple when you're only 19.
  5. Be independent from one another and make time for yourself. You should always be your biggest priority. Yes, it is nice to spend time with your significant other but not all of your time with him or her. Make time for your other friends and do separate activities from each other. One of the best things you can do in a relationship is make time for yourself.
  6. Avoid comparisons. Most likely you and your significant other will have dated other people before and they will come up from time to time, and that is totally normal. But, if you're constantly talking about your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend you may end up making your significant other feel inadequate or just plain annoyed. There is a reason those relationships ended so let the past be the past.
  7. Be open and honest. If there's something bothering you, then keeping it a secret isn't going to help anyone. If you're not comfortable being honest with this person or if they don't take you seriously then maybe this person is not for you. Lay your problems out on the table and you'll be able to see if the relationship will work out.
  8. Manage your expectations. You're in college. Which means you're most likely pretty close to broke. Don't expect a prince charming to buy you whatever you want and to take you out on fancy dates. It's probably not going to happen. Make sure your expectations are in check and there will be less tension for the both of you.
  9. Don't let your happiness depend on them. You're worth more than just the person you're dating and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise. If you depend on them for your happiness then chances are you're going to get let down quite a bit. They should add to your happiness, not be your happiness.
Always remember that what works for one couple may or may not work for you as well. If you have any other tips for college relationship comment them down below!

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