College Tips: Things to do the first week of classes!

It's that time of year again and there's a new group of freshman at every school nervously starting their first week of classes. I look back and remember my first week of college classes two years ago and I almost laugh at how nervous I was compared to how I feel now. As time goes by I promise things get easier and you become less nervous. Unless your a nursing major or pre-med because then classes just get harder from here on out, I won't even lie to you about that one. 
Nonetheless, it's almost always the same for some people the first week. You contemplate and think about all the things that could go right - and all the things that could go wrong. It's totally normal to feel this way and if you don't I am a little surprised! I still do this from time to time and I am a junior now!
Now don't be mistaken, these tips aren't just for freshman, they can be applied to anyone in any year. So if you're not a freshman, still stick around :) 
  1. Introduce yourself to your professor - Most colleges have at least 100 people in their classrooms and the professors will more than likely not remember your name or sometimes even your face. Become more than just a number to them and actually introduce yourself in person (not over email!). Shake their hand and tell them your name and if you have any questions about the class then this is the perfect time to ask. This will make you stand out and it will show them that you care about having a work relationship with them and it will come in handy when midterms roll around and you're feeling overwhelmed with some of the material.
  2. READ YOUR SYLLABUS - I usually save this for last, but I am not sure you will read until the end of this post (which I hope that you do!), but in case you don't I need you all to know this one. Reading your syllabus is key to succeeding in college. It tells you when you have assignments due, reading before class, when you have quizzes and tests and even the teachers expectations of you. Basically, your survival guide for that class. READ THE WHOLE THING! 
  3. Write down all of your assignments, tests, etc. - If you don't have a planner already, then I highly suggest you get one. And if a planner isn't really your thing then use your phone, computer, tablet or even buy a lot of sticky notes and put them in places you will see them. Writing things down in a planner or any type of organizer can really help you remember and you will see it ahead of time and it will be a reminder for you to get started on studying or any other project you may have to do for your class. You'll thank me later, just do it lol.
  4. Sit towards the front - If you sit towards the back of the class then you're more likely to get distracted and not pay attention to what's going on in your class. I know it may not be your favorite place to sit, but let's be honest, you need to at least pay attention the first day of classes. And it doesn't have to be where you sit the rest of the semester, but try to avoid the back unless for a good reason, like being late, but don't be late!
  5. Make a friend - In any of your classes you should introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you or just anyone in the class. They could end up being your study buddy, and if you have to miss class for whatever reason, they could give you material you missed. You'll thank me later for this one too, I promise! 
  6. Bring materials to class - Don't show up to your class with nothing in hand. It's not like high school where you just read over the syllabus and bond with your classmates the first day (although my high school never did that). You are more than likely going to start work right way. So bring your computer, tablet, notebook, or whatever you choose to use for notes, because you WILL need it. And if you don't end up using it, at least the professor will see you came prepared. Bringing a jacket to class is also important because those classrooms can get cold!
That's my list of things you need to do in order to succeed the first week of classes! I hope they're helpful to you & if there's something you do the first week or day comment it below, I would love to hear them! 
Until next time,
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