Venice Beach Adventures

I have so many things that I want to blog about and not enough time to actually write the posts! It's almost frustrating, but it's okay but in a few days I will have time! Until then I'll just share about my day at Venice beach with some friends of mine!
I haven't been to Venice in a long time and it was nice to go. There are always very interesting people there and I am always surprised by them when I go. Although this time I didn't get to see as many "interesting" people as I usually do. That was due to the fact that we didn't stay very long.
It was a short trip to Venice, but we had a mini photoshoot so I could test out my new camera :) 
Of course I had fun doing this because I haven't been able to shoot recently and it just saddens me when I go so long without taking pictures. It's almost as if it helps keep me alive lol. 
Anyways, it was a really good trip because I got to catch up and hang out with Caitlin, Kelsey, and Talisa, who I have not seen in a very long time. I used to blog more about them when we all went to school in Hawai'i there, but Caitlin is now the only one still going to that school! Kelsey, Talisa and I all transferred to different schools in different states so it is hard to keep it touch. But we make it work when we can! It was such a good time honestly and I am so happy I went.
Until next time..
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  1. Oh wow, you guys went to school in hawaii? I love going there for vacation. It must've been a great experience.

    1. Yeah we did! It was an amazing experience and I miss it! What island do you go to for vacation?