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Long time no talk, my friends! Thanks so much for being so patient with me this summer. I know that I haven't posted in a long time but as stated before I was working at Camp Ponderosa Ranch and I didn't have much time to update the blog. Although it was nice to get away from technology for awhile and kind of have a break. But have no fear, I AM BACK!

First off I just want to talk about how beautiful the drive to the camp was and how it was such a great experience to be able to see this part of Arizona.

Second, look how beautiful the camp itself was? Can you believe I was in this place for two months?! God is so good you guys. I can't even begin to explain what amazing things happened in this place. I will have a separate posts where I attempt to though so be looking out for that.
I don't have much to update you guys on this week honestly. I've only been back from camp for a week now and I am still having withdrawals, but I do move into my on campus apartment next weekend so that's exciting for me! I'll be posting about that as well later!
But until then check out this video I made from orientation week at the camp 
Camp Ponderosa Ranch Orientation Week
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