B-Team Happy Hour at Little Cleo's Seafood Legend

So yesterday the bloguettes team (aka B-team) had a happy hour/get together/bonding time yesterday and it was so much fun! We went to this place in Phoenix called Little Cleo's Seafood Legend, and let me tell you, the food was absolutely amazing! 
I had so much fun hanging out with the girls and getting to know everyone more. The set up for us was so cute and the place was beautiful! 
My favorite part of the "happy hour" brunch was that I got to try new foods! I tried frog legs (which taste like chicken!) and also oysters!

They also served us cajun shrimp and brussel sprouts! Pictured below is the one thing I can't remember though! It's an egg topped fish on top of toasted bread and it was delicious! Honestly, everything was just SO good.

Another thing I forgot to mention that I was able to try for the first time was absinthe! I know you may be thinking "isn't that illegal?!" "doesn't that make you hallucinate?!" My mother was sure to ask me the last one, ha! But no it is not illegal anymore because they changed the ingredient that made you hallucinate so I was not seeing any unicorns and what not!


I had such a good time and I know I will definitely be going back to Little Cleo's soon!

Until next time..
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