The #1 Tip To Drinking More Water

I am the worst when it comes to drinking water. Some days I dont drink water at all and then other days thats all I drink. It's something that I know I need to do and something I really need to get better at. Part of the problem is that I dont have water accessible to me when I really want to drink it (which is about 90% of the day). Either that or I dont have my water bottle with me to fill it up.

I have figured out that if you want to drink more water there is only ONE way to make sure it happens. Carry your water bottle with you EVERYWHERE. Or always make sure there's water ready in your fridge for you to grab and go. Doing this has made drinking water for me much easier. I personally prefer to bring my contigo water bottle with me everywhere because I love the straw! This water bottle is very similar to the camelback water bottle!

(shoutout to my friend cliff for being a hand model!) 

My only problem now is actually remembering to bring it with me or to refill it throughout the day. I am working on it I promise! However, I have learned that if I am at home and I leave it on my desk, I will voluntarily drink it, because I will drink or eat just about anything that is in front of me.
What are some ways you get yourself to drink more water? Do you guys use apps or timers? Share with me please!! I so desperately  need it haha.
Until next time..
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