Breakfast & Dinner For Four Please! (late post)

About a week ago my "family" here and I had a nice dinner! We actually made real food and that was pretty awesome! We decided that we wouldn't be starving college students hahaha. This is the food that we had. 

Penne chicken pasta with tomatoes, asparagus, and biscuits! It was delicious! 
Here's a few more pictures!!

us eating

Kat and Nick cooking

Wynter, Kat and Nick.

Sorry it was posted so late! I'll be making a thanksgiving post either later tonight or tomorrow!
Until next time..

Fort Something.

Toes in the Sand

Today was a Beach day of course! ( like almost every other saturday for me here.) I went with the usual people; Kat, Wynter, and Nick.
It was definitely a lot of fun like always. I didn't really get in the water though.. I was mostly there to "tan" haha. I'm already brown idk how I "tan". But either way it was great. Just a chill relaxing day. Here's some pictures!

(all are labeled left to right.)

Abriel - Kat




                            KAT - WYNTER

Kat - Nick

Kat- Wynter

Kat - Abriel - Wynter

Kat - Nick

I really love this picture about. I haven't edited it at all. The sunsets here are naturally this beautiful. It's great.. Until next time..

"Look back, move forward" 50th Anniversary Dance Show

Friday night Kat, Wynter, and I went to the 50th anniversary Dance Show. (50 years of the theatre being open.. and 50 years since President Kennedy was assasinated)
It was a really good show and I enjoyed most of the pieces. However there were that I didn't particulary like very much. All the dancers did a great job though!

Celebrating another birthday!

(left: Rachel right: Me)

Yesterday was my friend Rachel's (above) birthday! She turned 19! She had a big group celebrate with her at the cheesecake factory! We had a party of about 23 people! It was definitely a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being there to celebrate with her. The picture above was the second attempt, below is the first attempt haha.

(left to right: me, rachel, and julia)

My friend Julia decided to photobomb our picture haha. I love it though! 

(left to right: kayla, julia, me)

I love these two girls and they had me cracking up all night! They're such characters haha. This is what we look like when we aren't acting a fool! lol. You may think that we're sweet girls but take a look at the second picture below!

We're a couple of crazy kids what can I say. 


Here's what I had!

In conclusion, I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad I went.

Smokey's Shenanigans!

(left to right: me, wynter, kat and nick.)

Today was a very productive day. I finished my essay that was due at midnight 5 hours before it was due! And then we all decided to go to Smokey's Pipe and Coffee shop. I got some tea (and a second cup courtesy of Kat because she wanted to hear me say the word hormones.. long story..) Kat and Nick got kava and of course, Kat got coffee haha. We had a good time :D

My green tea was perfection!

It was pretty late, here's how dark it was!

I kind of really like this picture.. anyways we stood in this spot for about 20-30 minutes after we left smokeys. All we did was talk and try to figure out what to do next. We decided on going to 7-eleven and then home. On the way home I saw this and I see it all the time but I never remember to take a picture of it. Finally I did. I really like it, and I am sure most of you can guess why! :)

It was a good night indeed and now it is time for me to get some shut eye. Sleepy time for abriel :)

Ala Moana Beach Park

On saturday Kat, Wynter, Nick and I went to the beach. Here's a picture I took as the sun was starting to set. We had a good time! It took Kat and I awhile to put our full bodies in the water. It was cold and very unexpected! Haven't gone to the beach on a sunny day in awhile so I really enjoyed it. :) We are going again on saturday. I'm not sure what beach this time though. Possibly Sandys. We (meaning Kat and Wynter) want to tan haha.
Anyways, as always I took some 'selfies' at the beach :)

And of course one with my girls <3

(left side: Kat! right side: Wynter!)

and here's wynter as we walked our way to the bus stop.

"Coffee" Date

Starbucks is always a good way to start ones day! I had a"coffee" date with Kat and Wynter. I am however not big on coffee anymore. I'm a fan of tea as you all know :) So when I go to starbucks it's either a passion tea, a valencia, or a caramel apple spice. So today I got a carmel apple spice :)

we had a great time together today. :)

and here's what i wore today. i'm really loving the boots my auntie and granny sent me :D 

Midnight madness

Midnight Madness

We played New Mexico last night and it was even a ESPN special. It was a lot of fun. Sadly we lost :/ We definitely should have won though, it was a really tough game because the refs were calling BS plays. It was very frustrating but our team still played well and I'm super proud of how they've started off their season. I'm really excited to attend the rest of the games!
I went with a lot of friends and had a great time with them! Here's some pictures from the game!

These girls always made staying up until 3am worth while! I had a really good time with them all! Can't wait to go to more games with them! It's going to be awesome!
I was also really happy to see Bryson and Stephanie last night! 
I'll add the picture I took with them later as I don't have it right now. 

Rain, Rain Go Away!

On Saturday it rained ridiculously hard! This picture was taken about 5 minutes before the rain came down really hard. It rained so much that these streets were flooded. 
We were in the ocean at Lanikai beach. It was a lot of fun until it started raining so hard that we couldn't see. However, the journey there was fun. 

To the left is Kat and to the right is Wynter. My poor friends. All damp from the crazy rain. This also was taken before it started pouring extra exra hard. They were definitely more wet by the end of our trip haha. While on the way to the beach we had the normal childish fighting between Wynter and Nick.

they're basically like five year olds , brother and sister continuously messing with each other. It's quite hilarious actually and very entertaining lol.
Kat and I took selfies while this was going on.

Here's one of the ones we took haha. Don't mind my scarf lol

Kat was also our little navigator for part of the trip. She's so cute!

Here's her being super cute! :D

Overall we had a good time and we even had a good end to our nights!